Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Friends

I was sent a beautiful gift from one of my very best friends not long ago. This person came into my life relatively recently. But the moment we met, only 5 years ago, it was like 2 old souls finding one another. It was an emotion I have never experienced before. The strangest feeling of familiarity and comfort. I thought for sure that I was destined to have this person and his amazing family in my life. I kept my reaction to our meeting very quiet until a couple of years later, when he reminisced our first introduction and explained that when we met, he felt so strongly that we had known each other forever.
Life sends people into our path. We meet them, sometimes we move on, sometimes we begin a friendship and sometimes, rarely, we discover  (or re-discover depending on your beliefs) a friend that has been looking for us as well.
We all need to stand still for just a moment. Still in our movements, still in our thoughts and still in our minds. Close our eyes and think of those friends around us who really matter. How often do we tell them we love them? These friends may be our Family or someone thousands of miles away. Love does not measure distance.
True Friends are rare. True Friends are precious. True Friends are one of Life's greatest gifts. I give Thanks each day for mine. If I do not tell you often enough, let me tell you all now, I love you all.
The gift I received was a beautiful book of Friendship quotes and one quote in particular is a favourite of mine. I dedicate this simple quote to the many wonderful friends that I have in my life, to the simply perfect Family that I have been Blessed with and to the bearer of the gift.

"Oblige with all your soul that Friend who has made a present of his own"


Sending you all Butterflies and Rainbows.

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  1. Case- I just love your blog and beautiful writing. What another great post. Great friends truly are such a blessing, and I feel so grateful to be able to have you and your sweet family in our lives.

    Tell Taran she looked gorgeous in the pictures below....love her dress!!